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As a child I loved reading and writing. Lists, journals, notes, letters, and school projects. If it involved paper and pencils I was happy! When I became a mother I made sure my boys were surrounded by books. Several times during the school year they would bring home their Scholastic order forms and I couldn’t resist buying several books.

Now as a grandmother I enjoy reading to my grandchildren so the leap from book lover to writer was natural. I wanted to write about the importance, love and fun of the grandmother relationship in a child’s life. Hope you enjoy the rhymes about grandmas, what we call them and the fun they bring (and the treats too) to our lives.
Author Carole Aldred
Carole Aldred
I Call My Grandma Gigi by Carole Aldred Illustrated by Trisha de Souza

I Call My Grandma Gigi

Read along in this heartwarming and whimsical celebration of the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren, the special names we give them and the fun times we share that turn happy days into lasting memories.

Written in rhyme, it is sure to delight young and old alike. The beautiful watercolor illustrations capture the fun and warmth of this special bond in an inclusive way.

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